Job Searching The Struggle Was Real

Job-Search-Find-a-JobMy first priority, finding a job. This was the bane of my existence for the first month and a half that I lived down in Louisville. Every day I was submitting resumes and applying to hundreds of places. When I wasn’t I was cleaning the house and taking care of the dog. It was taxing. Every day I would get calls asking how the job search was going and I felt as if there were little quips here and there about my not-so-successful attempts at getting called in for interviews or getting hired.

All and all I did end up landing a job and it was through determination and sheer luck. Well, not really luck. I landed a job that I used to do back at the previous place that I lived in. If it wasn’t for my knowledge and previous experience I wouldn’t have been so lucky.

I’m told it’s not always what you know it’s who you know. In this case I think it was what I knew. I wouldn’t advise anyone to move to a new city without a job if you can avoid it. I would advise finding a job before you move. It’s what I tried to do at first but my address was far away I believe.

It was a good ending on both parts. Now Eric and I are keeping up so far. As long as we don’t have any mishaps in the future.

Oh wait…my laptop is broken….


Thanks again for reading. Hopefully I’ll have a working laptop soon in the future so I can update more. Soon I’ll also have a D20 Blog I’ll be posting in. More updates will also be added to this site. I’ll hopefully see you again soon.


Medieval Times


In June Kentucky has a renfair that runs every weekend in June. I’ve been going every year since I’ve met Eric and it’s a great experience. If you know of any Medieval Fairs going on in your area I recommend you go to one at least once.

This year I went twice. I moved just in time for this event to take place. We ordered my first renfair garb. Unfortunately it was hot. I think I bought the wrong type of chemise for June weather.

The first time we went I wore the dress and I was having problems with my sinuses anyway. I had promised myself that I wouldn’t get heat exhaustion again due¬†to what happened two years ago when I got heat exhaustion. What do I do? I get heat exhaustion again due to sinus problems and drinking water to fast. When it happened Eric, Chris, and his friend dragged me to the fairy woods where there was a Romane tent that I rested at. It was a shaded wooded area. That and we talked to someone dressed as Gandalf and it was pretty bad ass. (Yes it’s called the fairy woods that’s where the Disney Princesses also reside)

Luckily I felt better and was also told by one of the lovely ladies to never wear a suede corset in the dead of Summer. That’s what my corset was made out of and was part of my problem. I know it’s always something with my health.

We went back a couple of weeks later. This time I was in a light weight kimono and not sick. I did a bit more shopping at this one as well. We watched our friends dance merely to music in kilts. (I have footage of that.) We even bought a couple of daggers for our armory that will soon be decorated soon.

All in all I always have fun at these events. I just need to be more careful and not overexerting myself. I’m famous for that and being a klutz . Sometimes I’m even threatened by Eric to be wrapped up in bubble wrap. It hasn’t happened yet so we will see. One day I may wake up to being turned into Bubble Joce.

The Day I Moved To Louisville Kentucky


For 25 years I lived in a little town called Princeton, Indiana. I lived with my father away from the town. It was peaceful and quiet and I could walk without hearing the sound of traffic. The only sound that was heard was the train that passed by and blocked the road everyday. That was one annoyance of living by a train track.

It took me four years to plan my move to Louisville. Before all this I also lived in Evansville, Indiana for a good three years on my own. I wanted to experience life out of the little city. I also wanted to live close to my job and school. If it weren’t for those three years of living in Evansville, and previously traveling to anime conventions I wouldn’t have met the love of my life. I also wouldn’t make the preparations to move to Louisville in the first place. It didn’t happen right away, but I moved back home and saved my money in order to be closer to him and be with him. I also felt like moving to this new state and city would create more opportunists in the future.

For a year in a half I saved up all the money I could muster. We planned to at first move into an apartment, but fate had a different plan for us. His father decided to sell the house and we made the decision to buy it. It was the best move we’ve done in order for me to be close to him. Soon those nights of being on the phone twice a day with the one I love would end. I could talk to him face to face and be close.

The day I moved, it was bittersweet and hard. I was moving away from everything I’ve known all my life. My father, my family, the home that I’ve known, and most importantly the resting place of my mother. I know she would have wanted me to be happy. I am happier than I have ever been.

Eric and his friend Chris drove up to help me move the furniture I was taking. It was only a bed, a chair, and a table I would be using for the sewing machine that was passed down to me at the new place. We also packed up many of my belongings. When you pack for a move you realize how much stuff you have. It was a two-hour drive from Princeton to Louisville. I said see you later to my dad and for a moment we both thought that there would be tears. I’m not going to lie I cried a bit on the drive down. Who wouldn’t, honestly?

The drive down went smoothly than expected. It was quick. I’ve driven back and forth many times to visit Eric. Only difference was I didn’t need to move stuff. When we got to the house we had some of our friends come over to help us unload. With their help we got done quick and I couldn’t have thanked them enough. The first night in Louisville was pretty awesome. Usually on the first night of living in a new place is scary but we had pizza and relaxed for the rest of the night. Next day was unpacking clothes and planning for the week ahead. As the week progressed I did a lot of transferring over to the state. I was also looking for a better job to keep up with the bills.

When I lived in Princeton I had a job that was an hour away. I could have transferred but it wasn’t enough to pay the bills on the house. I wanted a job that would pay more. So when I changed addresses my job search started. That will be a blog post for another day.

Thanks for reading. This was my first blog post here. I hope to update soon for the next one.