Job Searching The Struggle Was Real

Job-Search-Find-a-JobMy first priority, finding a job. This was the bane of my existence for the first month and a half that I lived down in Louisville. Every day I was submitting resumes and applying to hundreds of places. When I wasn’t I was cleaning the house and taking care of the dog. It was taxing. Every day I would get calls asking how the job search was going and I felt as if there were little quips here and there about my not-so-successful attempts at getting called in for interviews or getting hired.

All and all I did end up landing a job and it was through determination and sheer luck. Well, not really luck. I landed a job that I used to do back at the previous place that I lived in. If it wasn’t for my knowledge and previous experience I wouldn’t have been so lucky.

I’m told it’s not always what you know it’s who you know. In this case I think it was what I knew. I wouldn’t advise anyone to move to a new city without a job if you can avoid it. I would advise finding a job before you move. It’s what I tried to do at first but my address was far away I believe.

It was a good ending on both parts. Now Eric and I are keeping up so far. As long as we don’t have any mishaps in the future.

Oh wait…my laptop is broken….


Thanks again for reading. Hopefully I’ll have a working laptop soon in the future so I can update more. Soon I’ll also have a D20 Blog I’ll be posting in. More updates will also be added to this site. I’ll hopefully see you again soon.


Author: orochisblog

Hello, I'm Jocelyn. You all can call me Joce, Orochi, or whatever nickname you have for me. I'm 25 years old, living in Louisville with the love of my life, and my dog who sleeps all day whose name is named after an Irish beer. His name is Guinness. (That wasn't my choice my boyfriend gave him that name way before I was a love interest.) If my friends were to talk about me I know they would say I'm strong-willed and nice with a fury of 1000 suns. That's a lighter way of saying I'm crazy. Honestly, who's not a little bit insane? I am an artist, dreamer, writer, vlogger, seamstress, and a songstress when no one is around. Enough about that. I'm sure you are wondering what this blog is going to be about. This will be a personalized blog of my adventures and life in Louisville. I've always wanted to travel. Living here I will get to experience that more often. Living in the country for most of my life and living in a city for two years, you would be craving an adventure in the great wild some where. (I'm a Disney nerd too.) I will also be blogging about Nerd and Geek culture as said in the title. I'm a huge anime and video game nerd. I hope that you all look forward to this blog. Strap yourselves in because this is going to be a fun ride. Fun Facts About Jocelyn Birthday: November 7th, 1991 Astrological Sign: Scorpio Interests: Anime, Video Games, Cosplay, Travel, Good people in general Top 10 Favorite Animes: Naruto, RWBY, Sailor Moon, All Dragon Ball Series, Beserk, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Code Geass, Death Note, Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt, and Madoka Magica. Favorite Video Games: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, Skyrim, and Fallout 4 Favorite Cosplay: Out of all the cosplays I do, I love cosplaying Orochimaru. Favorite Color: Purple and Pastel Blue Places I want to travel to one day: Ireland, Scotland, London, South Korea, Japan, France, and California.

One thought on “Job Searching The Struggle Was Real”

  1. I can’t wait to see more updates from you, and your article is set to go live on at 11am on Friday 😀
    But yeah, job searching can be rough, especially this time a year. Summer is the slow season for retail jobs and call centres, with a big hiring push normally occurring in Autumn. I’m glad you were able to land a position though! You’ll be through your new-hire period waaaay before Holiday Season hits, so that way you’ll be part of permanent staff 🙂

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